The Clock Palace Prague

Building of historical value

This building of a historical value is situated in the territory of the listed zone called Královské Vinohrady. The house was built in 1885 according to the building plans designed by Václav Romováček. The house is situated on a corner plot of land, embraced by the U Zvonařky and Šafaříkova streets. The house was designed with a spectacular Neo-Renaissance façade and the decorated tympanum contains the clock - this is why the project is called The Clock Palace Prague. At the present, the house is undergoing an extensive reconstruction under the unique project of creating luxury rental housing. Its exceptionality is underlined by the Concierge service that will satisfy any wish of yours, from arranging for cleaning services, tickets to a concert to banking and legal services.


Realitní projekt roku Realitní projekt roku


The Clock Palace Prague is situated in the Královské Vinohrady location, not far from the Folimanka and Havlíčkovy sady (Grébovka) parks, encouraging for nice walks. Transport accessibility to the centre is excellent, there is the tram No. 23 stop in the street and the Metro A Náměstí Míru and I.P. Pavlova stations only a few minutes of walk. The adjacent Vinohrady streets offer a wide range of excellent restaurants, bars, cafeterias and theatres. If you long for sports, you will find a fitness club or a swimming pool in the neighbouring hotel complex. The Vinohrady district has an unforgettable magic and you may become a part of it. Besides, you will never be surrounded by hundreds of tourists, but still being at the heart of things of the capital city.


In total, we offer 13 apartments for rent starting from single-bedroom apartments to luxurious two-storey penthouses.


The house has 11 parking spaces, which is an invaluable feature for tenants in Vinohrady area.

We also haven’t forgot about those with electric cars. The parking area will include charging stations for residents.

Non-residential premises

The Clock Palace Prague offers generously designed office premises with a separate entry and a lift. The total size of premises is 210 m2 with a glazed patio having the size 28.74 m2, admitting sufficient daylight into the room. The non-residential premises are ideal, for instance, for a law firm or design studio.

Design offices


Fantastic not only with its size, but also with the view, is the penthouse with the area of 343.5 m2, located on the last two storeys of the building. There are two penthouses, which may be combined or split according to the tenant’s requirements. Another unique element is the functional glass clock located in the decorated tympanum. This design element is a dominant part of the prestigious penthouse, thus definitely interconnecting the project name The Clock Palace Prague with luxury housing. One can see the National Museum through the functional historical clock.

343,5 m2
generous space


Solid wood

High-quality materials are the keystone of luxury housing. We were really particular in selecting the best for you. We are talking about large design tiles in bathrooms and kitchens in combination with marble. You will find luxury wooden palace floors, original reconditioned door frames and decorative lining in habitable rooms. We do not depreciate the common premises either which will fascinate you with numerous details and workmanship. The Clock Palace Prague is exactly the place you have always dreamed of.

Wooden castle floor
Decorative mouldings
Custom design furniture
Design furniture
Marble lining
Design shower
Design walk-through shower
Exclusive bathroom equipment
Wooden parquets
Marble lining
Rent Investment
Number Size Disposition Terrace Price/Month Status
1 63,7 m2 2KK 5,0 m2 45 993 Kč Rented Detail
2 39,6 m2 2KK 3,6 m2 30 314 Kč Rented Detail
3 37,7 m2 2KK 27 143 Kč Rented Detail
4 28,6 m2 1KK 19 324 Kč Rented Detail
Number Size Disposition Terrace Price/Month Status
5 48,1 m2 2KK 35 500 Kč Rented Detail
6 39,5 m2 2KK 35 305 Kč Vacant Detail
7 38,0 m2 2KK 35 670 Kč Rented Detail
8 54,3 m2 2KK 40 637 Kč Rented Detail
Number Size Disposition Terrace Price/Month Status
9 49,7 m2 2KK 38 523 Kč Rented Detail
10 40,8 m2 2KK 36 422 Kč Rented Detail
11 40,0 m2 2KK 39 100 Kč Rented Detail
12 54,8 m2 2KK 35 500 Kč Rented Detail
Number Size Disposition Terrace Price/Month Status
13 43,5 m2 2KK 33 665 Kč Rented Detail
14 119,7 m2 4KK 85 000 Kč Vacant Detail
15 119,5 m2 4+KK 75 000 Kč Vacant Detail
Number Size Disposition Price/Month Status
14 119,7 m2 4KK 142 288 Kč Rented Detail
15 119,5 m2 4KK 95 000 Kč Vacant Detail
Number Size Disposition Patio Price/Month Status
01 181,1 m2 79 000 Kč Rented Detail
Number Type Price/Month Status
1 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
2 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
3 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
4 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
5 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
6 Venkovní stání - elektro 3 500 Kč Vacant Detail
7 Venkovní stání 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
8 Venkovní stání 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
9 Venkovní stání 3 500 Kč Rented Detail
10 - MOTO Venkovní stání 1500 Kč Vacant Detail
Number Size Price/Month Status
1 1,64 m2 650 Kč Pronajato Detail
2 1,64 m2 650 Kč Volný Detail
3 1,64 m2 650 Kč Volný Detail
4 2,00 m2 890 Kč Pronajato Detail
5 1,73 m2 650 Kč Volný Detail
6 1,81 m2 890 Kč Volný Detail
7 1,88 m2 890 Kč Pronajato Detail
8 1,26 m2 590 Kč Pronajato Detail
9 2,5 m2 990 Kč Pronajato Detail

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